Chicken Dinner, Karnlea Winner

Chicken is the latest addition to the Karnlea Bone Broth range and it’s all set to be a ‘winner, winner’.

Chicken broth is known the world over as the perfect comfort food – a light and lean protein source that is as good as it tastes. Now, cats and dogs can get some of that ‘soul food’ when the new flavour is launched this month (12 November).

Ideally timed to become a seasonal favourite – Karnlea Bone Broth can be served in a variety of ways: straight from the carton as a liquid, chilled, frozen or gently warmed to keep out those winter chills.

It’s no surprise that chicken is considered a ‘wonder food’. It has many benefits: it is a great source of amino acids, helping to build mean muscle mass, while high levels of Omega 6 provide essential fatty acids to sustain healthy skin and shiny coats. Chicken bone broth also boasts high levels of collagen which supports joint health.

Highly palatable and easy to digest, Karnlea’s chicken flavour bone broth is ideal for pets who are fussy eaters or suffer from delicate tummies.

Dogs and cats love our tasty chicken flavour.

Karnlea’s founder Lara McCullough, said that the new flavour was a great addition to the range:

“What could be more perfect than chicken broth in the autumn and winter? It is known to provide great sustenance, a ‘turn to’ staple when we feel a little under the weather. It helps people recover from bouts of cold and flu by providing essential nourishment. Its recuperative and strengthening qualities are equally good for cats and dogs.”

Like Karnlea’s beef and lamb varieties, its new chicken flavour is slow-cooked using only natural ingredients: bones from free range chickens reared on cooperative farms, filtered water and a touch of apple cider vinegar to extract protein, collagen and minerals from the cooking process.

It is packed in heat-sealed cartons which maintain its freshness without the need of additives or preservatives. It can be used as a supplement, topper or treat.

Each unit contains 500ml of bone broth and will be on sale soon  at £10.99 per carton. Click here for more information