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Our packed from fresh natural bone broth is supplied in a convenient, closable pack with a spout. Once opened and refrigerated, because of the high levels of gelatine, it will revert to a thick jelly*. It can also be frozen into portions for convenience. * Chicken and Fish varieties will not gel due to containing a different type of collagen.

Bone broth

Just add to food or water, or
freeze it and feed as a treat on it’s own.

Bone Broth
Bone broth for dogs

Full of Goodness

Our broths are fantastic way to encourage dogs and cats to eat.
It’s extremely gentle on the digestive system.

Their superfood benefits include:

Bone broth for dogs

Skin & Coat

health gut bone broth


bone broth for cats


bone broth joint care

Joint & Bone Health

bone broth immune

Strengthens Immune System

bone broth sick pets

Sick, Elderly or Recovering

Just Three Ingredients


Meaty Bones

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutritional information 
Per 100ml Beef Broth:

  • Protein 4g per 100ml
  • 3.52g+ of Collagen per 100ml

Customers Reviews

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