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Super Premium Bone Broth

Our packed from fresh broth is supplied in a convenient, closable pack with a spout. Once opened and refrigerated, because of the high levels of gelatine, it will revert to a thick jelly. It can also be frozen into portions for convenience.

Just add to food or water, or
freeze it and feed as a treat on it’s own.

Full of Goodness

Our broths are fantastic way to encourage dogs and cats to eat.
It’s extremely gentle on the digestive system.

It’s superfood benefits include:

Skin & Coat



Joint & Bone Health

Strengthens Immune System

Sick, Elderly or Recovering

Just Three Ingredients


Meaty Bones

Apple Cider Vinegar

Nutritional information 
Per 100ml:

  • Protein 4g per 100ml
  • 3.52g+ of Collagen per 100ml

Customers Reviews

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See what some of our customers said.