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About Karnlea

Welcome to Karnlea, the UK and Ireland’s first 100% natural, packed from fresh liquid bone broth, that can be kept in your cupboard. 

The brand was founded by Lara McCullough, a pet lover from Northern Ireland, who based it on her home-cooked recipe. Having established production, Karnlea’s first samples landed in September 2021 and soon after, its original beef variety, hit the market.

Lara has worked in the pet industry for almost 20 years and has a keen interest in animal health. She previously owned a successful pet supplement business which was acquired in 2021 – prompting her to start a new chapter with the launch of Karnlea.

In the photo are Karnlea dogs, Charles and Morris, and at the time it was taken, they were 14 and 15-years-old.  They are both rescue dogs who came directly from the pound in dreadful condition and are a testament to the power of a healthy food bowl


The Story Behind Our Bone Broth

From kitchen to counter…Karnlea founder Lara McCullough reveals how the need to combine nutrition and convenience led to a pet product revolution.

“For several years, every time we had a roast dinner, I would painstakingly make bone broth for my two dogs. This was a lengthy and often messy process, and despite my enthusiasm to feed bone broth (and my dogs’ obsession with it) I found it not always practical to make. I would make as much as I could at a time, so I needed to find fridge space – or freezer space – I didn’t really like the smell around the kitchen for the long periods it took to cook, and frankly sometimes it was just time consuming when I had a very busy life and was tired. I also found that on occasions that I really wanted or needed to have some available, those were the times there wasn’t any in the freezer, or I’d have to wait for one to defrost! 

“The only bone broth that I could find commercially for pets was frozen, and whilst I tried some excellent products, it still took up freezer space and just wasn’t as convenient as I wanted. I found myself searching for something that I could have in the cupboard to call on as needed, but despite all my searches, I just couldn’t find one. That was it, I decided to create my own. I looked at many ways to produce a shelf stable broth. I wanted a minimally processed broth in it’s natural state, rather than powder or concentrate, which had gone through extra processing, potentially losing some of its goodness and taste in the manufacture, so after a lot of searching and research the idea for Karnlea bone broth was born. A packed from fresh, 100% natural, highly nutritious broth with super high amounts of collagen.”

Creating a Green Paw Print

Right from the start, it was important that Karnlea had the right credentials – both in our ethically and sustainable sourced produce and in our product packaging. Our bone broth is produced from antibiotic and hormone-free grass-fed animals from cooperative farms.

Our bone broth packaging is 100% recyclable with the  paperboard coming from sustainable forests, and the “brick” shape of our cartons makes for a lower carbon footprint – they fit neatly into boxes for dispatch.

Once opened, our broth should then be treated exactly like the fresh liquid product that was packed. Pop the handy carton in the fridge for up to five days (where it will turn to a thick delicious jelly your pets will go mad for), or if you prefer, pour into cute bone or paw shaped ice cube trays to portion out for future use. To reuse, either feed frozen, chilled, or gently warmed back to a liquid form.

A simple and easy way to supplement your pet’s diet with a nutritious, collagen and amino acid rich superfood. It’s your new store cupboard essential!