EVAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner Concentrate – 1000ml


Safer than Harsh Chemicals for Your Health, Your Pets, the Environment

EVAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner is healthier and safer than traditional synthetic and chemical floor cleaners. It’s properly pet-safe too. You can use it to thoroughly clean all types of hard floors around your home.

Suitable for cleaning carpets and for use in vax machines too! You can use this pet safe floor cleaner as a pet safe carpet cleaner too.

  • 98% natural and certified ingredients.
  • Breaks down and eliminates organic matter.
  • Eliminates the molecules responsible for bad odours.
  • Fruity fragrance.
  • Suitable for all types of floors.
  • Non-irritating and safe for respiratory health.
  • Safe for use around pets.

The concentrated formula of this probiotic floor cleaner is economical as well as eco-friendly: One litre makes 125 – 250 litres when diluted, at a cost of only 6 – 12p per litre depending on dilution.

This product is pH neutral and tested on sensitive materials.  It is safe to use laminate. tiles and wood as well as sensitive materials including blue stone and marble.

Probiotic Floor Cleaner – Improves Hygiene Safely and Cleans More than Visible Dirt

Unlike harsh chemicals, the natural ingredients and mild surfactants are not carcinogens, toxins or irritants. They are safer for the person doing the cleaning, for crawling children and for pets that walk on the floor.

This natural floor cleaner has added good bacteria (probiotics) that support allergy management. The helpful probiotics actively reduce seasonal and environmental bio-allergens – including dust mite, pet hair, pollen – that can trigger skin and respiratory allergies.

The helpful probiotics in our tile floor cleaning liquid also actively eliminate organic sources of unpleasant odours. This reduces the need for chemical air fresheners to mask smells. They can also reach deep into inaccessible cracks and nooks and crannies in the floor where harmful bacteria and dirt collect.

This 98% natural, concentrated floor cleaner is so kind to the environment that we call it ‘eco-positive’, not just ‘eco-friendly’. Unlike harsh chemicals, the ingredients do not negatively impact the environment and are not lethal to fish and aquatic wildlife. They are quickly biodegradable, with no harmful chemicals or toxic pollutants. Wastewater is chemical-free and does not pollute the waterways when you discard it down the drain.

When cleaning with traditional chemicals, the cleaning process stops once your floor has dried. The floor often becomes re-contaminated within the hour. In contrast, the added helpful probiotics stay on the floor and continue working for up to three days after use. This gives you longer lasting and better cleaning results.

Regularly cleaning with this probiotic floor cleaner restores a healthier microbial balance (a healthy microbiome) to your indoor environment. This is known to support well-being and immunity. It also reduces antimicrobial resistance.

Packaging is fully recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastics.

For more information on this product please feel free to contact us.


Shake before use. Add 40 – 80ml EVAA+ All Floor Cleaner to 10 litres of warm water, depending on how dirty the floor is. Mop the floor then rinse with water to remove the foam. You can also use a power mop or microfibre mop.


  • Water (> 30 %)
  • Eco-certified surfactants (< 13 %)
  • Microorganisms (< 5 %)
  • Orange & pomegranate aroma (< 1 %)

Storage & Safety

  • DO NOT USE with products that may change effectiveness.
  • DO NOT swallow.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.