Karnlea launches ‘cupboard friendly’ bone broth for pets

The first ‘ambient’ liquid bone broth to hit the shelves in the UK and Ireland is being launched this month. Carton packed from fresh, Karnlea Beef Bone Broth is slow cooked to extract high levels of protein, collagen and minerals ideal for boosting and maintaining pet health.

It can be used as a supplement, treat or topper to support skin, coat and joint health for dogs and cats.

Made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, the delicious broth maintains high nutrient levels which can be lost in concentrated or powdered bone broth or collagen supplements. It can be served, as a liquid, straight from the carton, chilled for use as a jelly topper, frozen into treats or convenient portions, or used in home cooking and bakes.

Bone broth has long been a traditional staple for convalescence in humans and pets – a soup full of healthy goodness – and Karnlea has taken the pain out cooking it from scratch. No more waits or lingering smells – it can be kept in the cupboard and used when required. Once opened it is best refrigerated like any other fresh product.

The brand has been launched by husband-and-wife team, Lara and Ken McCullough, and is based in Belfast. The couple have worked in the pet industry for 15 years. having previously run successful pet supplement companies and launched the first Scottish salmon oil.

They have launched Karnlea after years of preparing home-made broth for their pets.

Explained Lara: “Every time we had a Sunday roast, I would painstakingly make bone broth for my two dogs. It was a lengthy and often messy process and despite my enthusiasm to feed bone broth, and my dogs’ obsession with it, I found it not always practical.

“I would make as much as I could at a time, so I needed to find fridge space – or freezer space. I didn’t really like the smell around the kitchen for the long periods it took to cook, and frankly sometimes it was just time consuming when I had a very busy life and was tired. I also found that on occasions that I really wanted or needed to have some available, and those were the times there wasn’t any in the freezer, or I’d have to wait for one to defrost!”

They started researching methods of combining convenience while locking in freshness and maintaining high nutrient levels, leading to the creation of Karnlea.

Each carton contains 500ml of beef bone broth is priced £8.99. The heat-sealed cartons are brick-shaped, designed to sit neatly in the cupboard.

Karnlea has already invested in ethical and sustainable processes. Product ingredients have been sourced from antibiotic and hormone-free, grass-fed animals, reared on cooperative farms.

All its packaging is recyclable and sustainable, made with paperboard from sustainable forest materials. Its spouts and caps are also plastic-free – produced from a sugar cane derivative!

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