Karnlea, manufactures of bone broth for dogs and cats, has become a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society which in turn will present its products at the London Vet Show next month (November).

The allegiance is an ideal one for Karnlea – its all natural credentials and health-boosting benefits have been heralded by raw feeders since the brand launched earlier this year.

It compliments raw diets because although cooked, Karnlea Bone Broth is unprocessed and packed from fresh with high-levels of collagen and minerals. It can be served over raw ingredients in the bowl, or combined with selected fruit and vegetables as frozen treats or for portion control.

Karnlea founder Lara McCullough, said that membership of RFVS was a meeting of minds based on core principles.

“From the get go, the nutritional and health benefits of feeding Karnlea Bone Broth were picked up by exponents of raw feeding. Karnlea Bone Broth can be added to a variety of diets: raw, dry, wet or home cooked, but raw feeders are particularly mindful of the benefits of combining natural and raw products to support good pet health.”

As a Gold Affiliate member of the RFVS, Karnlea will benefit from the society’s research and independent veterinary links.

“We are keen to highlight the use of Karnlea Bone Broth as a recuperative and palliative aid for sick animals, including those recovering from surgery who require light diets or extra hydration following anaesthetic. Adding a little bone broth to water encourages cats and dogs to consume more fluid and it can also be used over lightly cooked fish and chicken to increase palatability. It would be ideal to use within surgeries or for resale to clients.”

Karnlea Bone Broth is slow cooked for up to 24 hours to extract high levels of protein, collagen and minerals.

It can be used as a supplement, treat or topper and because it’s carton packed from fresh, it maintains high-levels of essential nutrients.  No extra processing is undertaken in its manufacture and there’s no need to defrost or reconstitute to use.

The London Vet Show takes place on the 17-18 November at the ExCel Centre, at the Royal Victoria Dock, London. The RFVS stand can be found at Q12.

For more information on how to become a Karnlea stockist visit: https://karnlea.com/trade